Japanese Giant Salamander

The Hanzaki Institute of Japan

The Hanzaki Institue of Japan is a professional research institute of the Japanese Giant Salamander. It is equipped with rooms for environmental education and community exchange as well as a museum. “Hanzaki” was once the standard Japanese name and “Ankou” is a local name in this area for the Japanese Giant Salamander. The common name is now Ōsanshōuo (オオサンショウウオ), which translates literally to “Giant Japanese pepper fish”.




※※※ The Hanzaki Institute of Japan is not a public facility.

If you would like a tour , you must request a visit in advance.  ※※※


   Contact e-mail (info@hanzaki.net) or Fax (079-679-2939) .



<2016 Fiscal Information>

    We are looking for volunteers for the development of the Institute. Date and time is Sunday 9/11 and Monday 9/19. In addition, we will have a public tour on the same day.


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